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Priorities and the need to strike a Balance

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The issue of striking a balance in many people’s family lives, spiritual lives, health and morality have remain a continuous challenge even though they seem to be getting older and prosperous in some aspects of their lives.
Daily pressing needs, the quest for more gain, position, power even more grace, tend to make people give so much attention to some things while little or no attention is given to other things or people. The outcome is a life of excesses here and negligence on the other side of ones life.
But let us not forget that though our areas of excesses appears to be productive, the vital things we neglect today will also matter at a long run.
A young man once asked me Aunty Lucy, do you think it is possible for one to come to real balance? And I said  humanly speaking no but with God  all things  are possible for ( Matt19:26). The young asked but when a man is rich, he is balance? And I said no,  so it’s appears, but check his wife, children or even his relationship with God  you will see areas of negligence.
So he asked me , am getting married soon I want a balance, how do I go about it? At this point I said to him, by first of all  setting your priorities right. He laughed and said ,but all am doing now is important.
However we must understand why the scripture vin ( 1cor10:23) will explain that though all things are lawful for me ( am free to do whatever I want) but not all things are helpful. Not everything we do can improve our minds and character. So our first priority must be that important thing that can enable us achieve the rest of our priorities with much more ease.
In my own life I realized long ago making GOD, His WORD, and His WAYS my top priority could bring a new balance to the rest of my life, I then decided to make the word of God my measuring line.
Since the true word of God is actually balance concerning every thing in life, its so balance on how we ought to go about the family, our work, our businesses, our role in the Nation and even towards our neighbours as well as how we can handle our morality and wealth. ( psalm19:7) The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul… is sure  making wise the simple).
Deborah: made her relationship with God a top priority as we see her in (Judges 4:4-24), She functioned well as a WIFE, a mother, a prophetess,  judge over Israel for 40 years.
She could lead a battle in ( Judges 5:1 to end).
We see her singing a song of victory meaning (women  can also trust God and His word today to achieve a balance).
Actually God’s desire for us is to enjoy a balance between our prosperity, our health, and our souls (3John vs1-2) .Beloved I wish above all things, that you thou may prosper and be in health, even as they soul prosper. Our temperaments also to a balance state… ( Gal.5:22) The fruit of the spirit of life,is joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control.
Against such there is no law…Our yes can be yes, and our No can be No.
*Causes of wrong priorities and the lack of balance we face*
1) Assumption: When we  assume that the vital things we are neglecting will do well by themselves.
2) Wrong desires and goals we set our hearts to achieve will bring wrong priorities.
For instance Lucifer’s desire to become like God in (Isaiah 14:12-14), how you are fallen from Heaven o lucifer …for you have said in your heart in vs 14 ( I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High).
Again in the garden of Eden, Lucifer brought Adam and  Eve to the same error..( Gen 3:1-10) Has God indeed said you shall not eat ..vs5 ( for God knows that in the day you eat of it , your eyes will be opened and you be like God. But in vs7, they became naked instead of what they desired to become.
We have to be fateful  when every other thing and every one else can inspire us apart from the word of God.
May we all find sufficient grace to set pur priorities right and to gain a balance in our lives in Jesus name.
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